Once again Neymar sued Barcelona

In additional entitlement, the Brazilian is challenging € 3.5 million, Neymar is static worried on the Barcelona board. As previously they didn’t paid salaries and wages of their employers on regular bases which shows in Catalan everyday life, El Mundo, even PCG players also answerable from Josep Maria Bartomeu for performing in “total dishonesty” and articulates Barça President has agreed ‘retaliation’ for Neymar sendoff in 2017.

In spite of conversation about Neymar’s concealed capability, previously he preserve aggressive them in court, returning to Barcelona the summertime, in a public panel confab he acknowledged that he would withdraw all cases but if he withdraw the cases and agreement to sign it back then cost, which would increase up to € 43.6 million, even though after all this situation and circumstances, Neymar’s father alleged the relationship with Barcelona is acceptable.

There was no approval proper agreement to hire him and he remained at PSG, which saw the case happen in spite of the fact that he knows ,The last view of the program is still pending, lets uncover what was it, the current case is being treated as different subject matter as PCG, they are pretended this case in other direction, as The PSG Star admits with confession that they be obliged you the refurbishment money as well as a feature of your last periods of all unpaid salaries they will pay, Which is approximately equal to That totals € 3.5 million, as indicated by a other sources.
According to El Mundo news that declared that Neymar declares Barcelona has agreed with confession Barcelona will clear all the remaining previous salaries as well as current dues, however, Neymar has smashed its assurance and set him free. It throng him and report as he have other business to do as well fix another problems in a commercial court through his permissible counselor like , Laffer’s act firm. Its additional stroke between Barcelona and the Brazilian who outrivals overhead the game, however, making his arrival at Camp No progressively mixed up.

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